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New Mama Must Have’s

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The baby is here!  I can’t believe we’ll be celebrating Miss Ava Louise’s one month birthday in just a few days.  PS- How cute is this card we did for Christmas??  She was just one week here.

As you know…first comes love, then marriage…then a baby in a carriage!  A few of our past clients/friends who are also expecting have asked what some of my fave baby essentials, gear, and products are.  I have sent them detailed lists individually but figured that I may as well put some of it out in the universe in the event that someone else can benefit, too!  So, I put together a list of a few postpartum faves that may not be registry standards or the more obvious ones, but  I certainly couldn’t live without both the first and second time around!  The first few weeks at home are def the hardest and you’re not always prepared (all that focus/nervous energy and over preparation/is usually on the labor + delivery!)   So postpartum essentials are the items I focused on for this post.  And if you’re just here for the weddings…skip 🙂